Thursday, May 13, 2021

May Haul 2021!


I can't believe May is half way over! Although, I am looking forward to Halloween :D Mostly for the candy. I didn't go crazy this month but, I did get a few new things I am excited to use.

I got two new body washes from BBW. I already own the lotion version from of the body washes. I got the Stress Relief and Sleep varieties. I got another Fenty Beauty in Unlocked. It's a beautiful magenta color. I got a nice dark Oxblood color from Stila Cosmetics in Rubino. I got two new MAC lipsticks in Russian Red (I heard this is a fan favorite) and Sweet Sakura. Tarte has a new brand line called Sugar Rush. I got this cute gloss in Passion Fruit, that I am really looking forward to using it.

I have tried a few Bliss skincare items. I got a new rose gold rescue moisturizer. The stuff I have used I had good results with. I got a few new Milk Makeup skincare items. I got another watermelon mask, a new melatonin overnight serum, and a vegan milk moisturizer from their line. I got a new ampoule collection from Babor. I have used one of the other ones from them and loved it. I saw results right away.

Have you gotten anything this month that you are excited to use?

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