Sunday, October 10, 2021

October 2021 Empties!


October is already here and I can't believe it! I feels like the year has blown by so quickly. However, I am loving this weather and I hope it stays like this for awhile and we have a mild winter. I didn't really manage to finish much this month and the few things I did finish were okay.

I didn't really do many face mask month because I been lazy about putting one on. The two new masks I did try were okay. I did like the Centella mask more than the green tea mask but, they were both average. I did try this new serum from Graydon that goes on like a charm and feels like a treat on my skin. I use it after applying a face sheet and my skin is glowing.

I finally finished a palette and a nail polish! This is the first time this year I finished a palette and nail polish. The Urban Decay palette is so old that I don't really know the name of the palette. I love this green polish and I am so sad that its finished. It's from Lollipop Posse Lacquer in Widely Regarded as a Bad Move. I got it last year for my birthday. The polish lasted so long and was a beautiful color so, I will probably buy more from this brand.

The last few things I tried this month was a bit disappointing. The Generation Clay mask was painful and burned when I applied it. I don't think it even did anything. The lavender spray from Kerstin Florian smelled nice but, did nothing to provide any hydration on skin. The Holifrog was one of the worst scrubs I ever used. The gummy texture made it hard to apply and the product smelled bad. 

Is there anything you used this month that you would recommend?

Pureology Clean Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
Orjena Green Natural Moisture Mask Sheet
FIF Centella Sensitive Ampoule Mask
Honey Jarret Super Beau'Tea Mask
Bonvivant Botanical Mask Pack - Chamomile + Tea Tree
Urban Decay Palette
Graydon Fullmoon Serum
Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask
Kerstin Florian Aromatherapy Lavender Body Spray
Holifrog Como Popp-e Renewal Scrubby Wash

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