Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Januarry 2022 Empties!

My first empties post for the new year! I can't believe it! I didn't really finish a lot of stuff other than a few face masks and tons of shampoo/conditioner apparently. The funny thing is I went several days where I couldn't even remember the last time I washed my hair.

Most of the items were repurchased stuff but, there were a few noteworthy things. I finished quite a few masks and I did enjoy a few of them. I have a few products from Sweet Chef but, they are mostly moisturizers. I did enjoy this sheet mask and thought it left my skin hydrated. I didn't notice a scent which was disappointing because I usually expect most food-centered mask to have a scent. The Aippo Soothing Expert Soothing Mask had a nice luxurious feeling and my skin felt so hydrated after using. I have always liked the Detoskin brand when I used one of their mask so, I was excited to try their Puer Tea-Time Mask. This one didn't disappoint either. My skin felt and looked so hydrated. I didn't like the
Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Calming Paper Mask at all. Well, more like when I tried to use the mask there was no serum, the entire mask was all dried up! I am not sure if I got an old product or if that's how the mask is but, it ended up going into the trash.

I used to love the brand Sumbody so, I got some of their items. Their soaps are okay, they have a strong clay scent but, I am disappointed on how tiny they are for the prices. I do like they use easy to read ingredients and they are not filled with chemicals. I did like the Lollia Wish Sugared Pastille Perfumed Soap. It had a soft delicate scent but, it didn't last on my skin.

Did you finish anything this month that you liked?


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