Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Book Review - Finding Tessa by Jaime Lynn Hendricks


To outsiders, Jace and Tessa appear to be a happily married young couple who are deeply in love with each and have nothing to hide. However, looks can be deceiving especially when Tessa goes missing.

Jace Montgomery returns home late one evening from entertaining clients, when he discovers his wife Tessa is missing. The back door has broken glass with clumps of her hair and blood. The cops believe Jace is guilty after he exploded on a reporter during a press conference. Jace claims he is innocent even as the evidence against him is mounting. A coworker he is accused of having an affair with goes missing and then an illegal gun turns up in his home during a search conducted by the police. He fears that with all the signs pointing to him that the police will stop searching for other leads to Tessa.

Tessa finally feels like she has left behind all the years of abuse and that she can finally be safe. She even set up a trap for her husband to take the fall for her disappearance. She enlisted someone close to him to help execute her plan and put him behind bars. She is desperate to start over and avoid men who abuse and hurt her. However, while she is trying to start over, she realizes that she can't run for her past and someone is after her.

The novel started out to be an interesting read. As readers, we were constantly left guessing who is behind Tessa's disappearance or is this something she is plotting. Towards the middle of the book, I felt like the story was dragging and it felt like that the plot was a bit unbelievable especially with the amount of red herrings that appeared. I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters and didn't care for any of them. It was an okay read but, I felt like books like this are overdone and can be boring if not done correctly.

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