Monday, February 21, 2022

Book Review - A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan


After enduring five seasons, Lottie Carlisle is tired of the polite London society. She wants more adventure in life and wants her uncle Alfred to stop meddling in her life. Lottie is devastated when he announces that if she doesn't accept a proposal by the end of the next season, he will choose a husband for her. She decides to create a shocking scandal that will make sure no suitor wants her and she will instead spend her life as a spinster in the country.

Five years ago, Alec Gresham left Lottie without saying a word. When the two crosses path again, Alec isn't surprised that Lottie is annoyed at him. He brings news that her uncle is dying and that she will need to return home. As the pair make the journey back to London, it becomes obvious that the pair still have feelings for each other.

This was the second book I read from the author and I thought the second book in the series was a better read. I found Lottie to be annoying and Alec to be boring. Lottie wants to be treated as an adult but constantly acts like a child by stomping her feet and pouting. She knows that Alec is working as an undercover spy but, she puts them in danger because she feels jealous and wants his attention on her. I  was more than 75% done with the book before I lost interest in the novel. The story was so slow and boring with too many details that didn't add to the story. Each novel can be read as standalone so, I would recommend skipping this one and reading the second book in the series instead. 

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion**

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