Saturday, March 19, 2022

Book Review - The Cave Dwellers by Christina McDowell


The Green Book was a diary created by the niece of Edith Roosevelt’s social secretary. It only includes the families that are worthy. These families and their aristocratic bloodlines helped build the fabric of Washington - generation after generation. Their power and privileged is on prominent display in the streets of Georgetown, Kalorama, and Capitol Hill. They only socialize with people of their own rank and social circle and ignore the political merry-go-round unless it serves them.

I thought this novel was going to be a thriller and not a political commentary about the elite. I felt like the murders were introduced as a shock value but, we didn't really learn anything about them. Instead we were treated to a boring and pointless story of how the elite use and abuse their power and treat the people around them. Perhaps, if I had known that the novel would be mostly focused on selfish and spoiled people I wouldn't have wasted my time.

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