Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Book Review - Dragon Legend (Dragon Realm, #2) by Katie Tsang


Billy Chan and his friends travel to the Dragon Realm to save Dylan from the Dragon of Death. They will need to collect eight magical pearls to have a chance against the super powerful immortal Dragon of Death. They will need to travel through the Frozen Wasteland and to the imperial palaces of Ancient China to collect the pearls.

I thought the second novel was more entertaining than the first one. However, I still feel like the team dynamic is lacking and most of the time the characters are just adding to Billy's train of thought instead of being independent people. I am not the target demographics so, younger readers might not notice slight faults between character development and team building between characters. I did like that this book contained more humor than the previous novel. Young readers who are fascinated with dragons would enjoy this book.

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