Thursday, May 26, 2022

May 2022 Haul Part 2!


I can't believe May is already finished! The month has gone by and also the year so quickly. I didn't go too crazy with the goodies!

I got a few facial masks that I got on sale from Facetory. I don't have a specific favorite or a mask that I want to try first. I just need to try and use more of the masks instead of buying and having a rather huge stockpile.

I got a few lip products including the Urban Decay Vice lipstick palette. I can't wait to be able to wear lipstick more often in public. I did get a new lip treatment from Hanalei. I believe I have tried it a few years ago but, I can't remember if I loved it or not.

I am excited to try the body wash by Beauty Protector. I have tried their hair products and really enjoy them. II am super excited and intrigued by The Beautiful Factr. probiotic ball cream. It looks like an interesting concept and I hope it keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Before I bought the cleansing oil from Derma E, I used to love the brand. I recently both a few of their products and the last few things I have used have been quite disappointing. However, I am hoping this cleansing oil works wonders.

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