Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Book Review - The Other Girl by Erica Spindler


Miranda Rader is a police officer for Harmony, Louisiana and she is known for her ability to work under pressure and for her integrity and honesty. This wasn't always the case when she was growing up in Jasper. She grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and she worked hard to earn the respect of her coworkers and community.

Miranda and her partner, Jake,  is called to investigate the murder of a beloved college professor. When they arrived to the scene of the crime, they are unprepared for the brutality of the scene. She thought she saw the worst of it until she finds a piece of evidence that shakes her to her core. She finds an article about the terrible night that happened fifteen years ago that Miranda has tried to forget. She tried to bury the memories of that night as well as the girl she once was. 

Now another person has turned up dead. He was the cop who took Miranda's statement that night. His murder was different than the professor and nothing links the two of them except for Miranda. Will Miranda be able to find out who is behind the murders?

I thought the novel started off interesting then slowly descended to being unbelievable to boring. I found Jake's and Miranda's relationship to be tedious and confusing. Jake claims he loves her and trusts her but, then goes behind her back and discloses her secrets to other people time and time over again. And then she forgives him and takes him back repeatedly. Somehow, the two of them claim that they both love each other but, I don't see a single reason why they feel that way towards each other. Then in the end Jake mysteriously puts together all the clues and is able to solve the mystery behind the murders when he was supposedly off the force and visiting his family. The author hints that Jake might be hiding something else about his family but, we never get to know more. 

The plot is completely predictable. I am not sure how Miranda was able to guess so quickly how one person was tied to her past but, then forget another major player from that event until the last possible moment. It was fairly easy to guess who was behind the murders and their motive. I am not sure how this novel is billed a suspense or thriller as the story was slow and barely moved along at times. I also think the title gave away the twist to the end of the novel.

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