Sunday, May 8, 2022

Book Review - Fault Lines by Emily Itami


Mizuki is a Japanese housewife with two children, a hardworking husband, and a beautiful Tokyo apartment. She has everything that many people wishes they could have but, some days she feels like throwing herself off the balcony than spending another minute talking to her husband.

One rainy night she crosses path with Kiyoshi, a successful restaurateur.  When she spends time with him she rediscovers her lost freedom, friendship, and everything she used to love about the Tokyo. As she continues to spend more time with Kiyoshi, she realizes she is living two lives and she will have to decide which one she wants more.

The novel gives a humorous glimpse into the life of a young woman who is managing the needs and wants of herself and her family. The book is steeped with details about the rich and interesting Japanese culture. I did enjoy reading some parts of the book but, other times it felt that the narrator was so unhappy but, she doesn't really do anything to change her life. The novel is filled with lush  and vibrant details that it almost distracts the reader from realizing there really isn't much of a story going on. It's a fun and funny read with a warm ending.

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