Monday, March 11, 2013

Allure March 2013

The “beauty authority” magazine offers great fashion, beauty and health tips. Overall, it is fun to read.

Here is the rundown -

Some new beauty trends to try this month -
a. Get all bronzy - use “bronze to enhance your natural features”
b. Paint on two colors - instead of using the regular ole french tips try using a neon color.
c. Try a bright lip stain - use sangria, orange and pink - grapefruit lips
d. Go for a true blue  - draw thin line of electric blue to make your eyes pop or do a color block eyeliner
e. Work major lash - don’t settle for “just average” go over the top with your lashes
f. Scrunch, toss, and flip - beach/grunge hair looks amazing no matter what the weather is.
g. Seashell Pink - “iridescent golden pink adds a glow that’s clean and chic”... “but....start with black liner” first.

The interview with Aubrey Plaza, she plays April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation was actually refreshingly funny. My favorite part was her comment about co-star Amy Poehler. “She is one of the scariest people I’ve ever worked with. If I go to the craft table for a snack, she slaps it out of my hands! She doesn’t let me eat food. She’s always telling me I need to lose five pounds” I just imagine her saying that as a April and it was funny. Maybe I am just weird...

The newest trend in Fashion -
a. Asian Fusion - “based on lines with sharp slants and crisp angles”
b. Line Drive - “cheerful stripes find new sophistication in sequins and silk”.
c. Up close - “ elaborate, chunky chokers fit snugly - and sleekly”
Photo Credit - Alexander McQueen

Here is something I can get behind now that summer is slowly coming around. “New treatments destroy sweat glands in the underarms - either with microwave energy [MiraDry] or ultrasound [UIthera]”. Don’t get me wrong I love Secret Expressions but I either get white streaks or the deodorant doesn’t last. Although,  I say I am interested in the procedure but I doubt I would actually go through with it. You know the saying “No Pain No Gain”, I am not a believer in that saying.

Pick up the issue to read more fashion [fashion victims], beauty [products used in the Oscars] and interesting facts along with interviews with Christian McCulloch, Narciso Rodriguez, and Heidi Klum.

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