Friday, March 22, 2013

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

Life is many things, busy, fun, exciting, boring, confusing, but very rarely is it easy. Sometimes, you want to look your best without spending much time or money. Trust me, I am the same way. I spend hours working on my makeup but then get so tired to pick out an outfit. Anyways, I digress.  Garnier is the newest contender in the expanding market of oil. What makes Garnier stand out from the rest -- is that the oil can be used for your face, hair and body. The Miracle oil is healthy cocktail of olive, avocado and shea oils that nourish, hydrate and protect.

The dry oil can be applied to either wet or dry hair. I actually did it on both. It made my wet hair a bit too greasy but my dry hair but on my wet hair it worked well. My hair wasn’t as frizz when it dried [I air dry my hair] and it was soft and silky. I didn’t use the product on face as currently my greedy self is experiencing a bit of acne outbreak from eating way too much sweets and my beloved cookie dough ice cream. I did however use the oil on my desert like legs. I did spray the oil very generously and it did make skin a bit oily but it absorbs really quickly. I like how it kept my skin soft and well moisturize until the next day.

Overall, I think it is a good affordable product. I would just recommend spray the product judiciously. And not spray the product upside down, trust me it leaks and it’s not pretty. Just don’t ask what I was doing.

And just for you here is a coupon for $1.25  off. You will need to download the coupon printer app but you can get tons of coupons and who doesn’t like saving money?

On the left side I sprayed the oil and the right my natural dry skin :)

*Disclaimer - I received a sample of this product and a media kit [digital coupon and information about the product] to give my honest feedback. This had no impact on my review. Any squeals  of joy or pains of agony that I had gotten from using this product are my own. Receiving this sample had no impact on my review of this product and these views are my own.*

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