Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Latina February 2013

I like reading magazines with different themes and point of views. While I don’t consider myself a Latina, I get confused for one all the time. Then again, I get confused for a lot of other nationalities too. Either way, its a nice magazine for finding makeup tips for people of color.

Red Carpet pros give tips on how to look red carpet ready without actually being on red carpet..wait I think I can come with a better ending...nope, I got nothing.

Oribe, the hair stylist recommends brown hair with subtle blonde highlights. “The look is soft, sexy and not too exaggerated”.

Covergirl’s manicurist Marisol Inzerillo gives brilliant tips on get salon looking nails at home. “Keep cuticles moist at all times. Massage cuticle oil into your nail bed daily. This boosts blood circulation and helps you avoid biting your cuticles.” Also be sure “to keep hands protected, apply a moisturizer with sunscreen daily”. Her recommended color for spring is the minimalist color of “skin tone colors and nude nail colors”.
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Makeup artist Jackie Gomez says, “Don’t skip cleansing and moisturizing your skin before bed - clean, supple skin provides the best base for flawless - looking makeup every day”.  I couldn’t agree more even though it has been said over and over -- you can’t believe how many times I say I am going to wash my face and I get lazy and just fall asleep. Washing your face is not only healthy but it makes your skin look and feel a lot better. Ms. Gomez recommends “soft green tones on the eyes. It’s a nice touch and makes them pop. Go with soft pink lips to complement the look”.
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They had a section on shopping but the theme was coffee. It wasn’t as boring as it sounds. Here are some of my favorite picks -
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Did you know “heart disease is the number one killer of Latinas, responsible for 30 percent of all deaths”. This often preventable disease, “doctors recommend maintaining a healthy weight, walking 30 minutes a day, trimming salt and unhealthy fats from your diets and not smoking”. The reason why I bring this up because not only is it important for Latinas but people in general. I know I might be sound preachy but it isn’t my goal to be that way but more as a friendly reminder :) to you and to my lazy self!

Gina Rangel of Bliss Spa in Dallas gave tips for a great relaxing feet massage [In all honesty it looks like too much work] :

1. Soak in a warm foot bath filled with lavender essence, lemon slices and rose petals.
2. Dry your feet and apply lotion to the foot and calf using long, soft strokes.
3. Make a fist and massage the ball of your foot, arch and heel using a circular motion.
4. Finish up by enclosing your hand around each foot, as if a holding a football, and moving up and down. “ Is anyone else sleepy after reading that?

Pick up an issue to read the interview with Jordana Brewster, Jennifer Lopez, Amelia Moran Ceja and non profit founder of studentmentor.org. Along with style tips for your shape, makeup tips, chocolate recipes and lifestyle tips.

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