Friday, March 1, 2013

Family Fun March 2013

Here is the round up-

FamilyFun declares March - “Month of Fun” and most of the articles have this theme. I wonder if I can I take the month of work in honor of this “holiday”? Here are some other fun facts for March - March 1st is World Compliment Day [ You look amazing! Did you get a haircut? ]. The literary genius Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2nd and it is also Read Across America Day. Also, if you are in Burlington, Wisconsin on March 2 be sure to take part of the International Tongue Twister Contest. And guess who turns 52 on March 13th, 1961? Ken, Barbie’s better half. If I look that good at 52, then again he is full of plastic.

Have trees around your area that look a bit drab? Soak some sidewalk chalk in water for a couple of hours to soften it. Using the sides of the chalk -- go to town on the bark of the tree. I would probably use a younger tree as the bark usually “smoother”. To even out the color, FamilyFun recommends using a large paintbrush dipped in water to smooth the colors. The color is temporary and doesn’t harm the tree.

If you are in NY and have kids or you are a kid at heart, there is a New York International Children Festival during March 1 - 24, 2013. It wasn’t an article but advertisement and it look interesting. To buy tickets and see full schedule please visit

In keeping up with the “Fun” theme, they showcased some toys under $20.
A Cute Train Puzzle, Photo Credit -  Chronicle Books

Photo Credit - Kids Prefferred

This wasn’t featured in the article but I thought it was cute [another product from their Konnichiwa collectible line was featured]

On March 10th, daylight savings begin. Here are some tips to adjust -
a. Reset  everyone’s internal clock ahead of time. Gradually, “shift your schedule by getting up and going to bed 15 minutes earlier each day”.
b. Let there be light … in the morning, that is.  “Start your day in a more wakeful state, switch on a bright light as soon as they wake up”.
c. Encourage z’s. “To set the mood for swifter sleep, dim the lights an hour before daytime.”
Hopefully, I can try to follow this myself. I am horrible sleeper. I go to bed early but I toss and turn.

Pick up the issue to learn, “7 Secrets of a Happy Family”,  neat tips for an easy “Easter Brunch” and amazing DIY cakes.  As always, I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback!

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