Friday, November 8, 2019

Book Review - In the Hall with the Knife by Diana Peterfreund

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A deadly storm hits Blackbrook Academy leaving the students of the elite prep school stranded. The students are stuck with their headmaster and a few support school staff team members. When they wake up to see the damage from the storm, they find the headmaster's body in the conservatory. They determined that his death was no accident. As the day progresses, it becomes clear that each student has something to hide and everyone has a motive for the headmaster's murder. 

I have seen the movie but, I never played the board game. However, that didn't stop me from being excited to read this novel. I wouldn't call this book a fast-paced leave you on the edge of your seat but, more of a cozy read. I was able to guess the murderer before the big reveal but, I did get stumped on another reveal. Although, that was partly my fault because I was unable to accept the truth. Overall, a fun read for fans of Clue!

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