Saturday, November 2, 2019

Book Review - Takes One to Know One by Susan Isaacs

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Retired FBI agent Corie Geller used to help bring down terrorists. After a few years at the bureau, Corie traded in her badge for motherhood and marriage. She married the charismatic Judge Josh Geller and adopted his fourteen-year-old daughter. While being the family chauffeur and chef, she scouts new and upcoming Arabic fiction for literary agencies. Corie joins a few other freelancers every Wednesday at a French restaurant to make friends.

Corie senses that something is off with one of the attendees of their group. Pete Delaney seems like a regular person but, he always shows up early and sits in the same spot with a different cellphone.  And he always keeps one eye on his car parked across the street.  Corie feels that Pete is hiding something. She is unsure if she is just making things up but, she decides the only way to know for sure is to investigate into Pete's life.

I love thrillers and mystery novels. After reading the summary, I was super excited to read the book. The first few pages were a bit tough but, I figured the book would start to pick up. After a hundred pages, I started to realize the book will never pick up and the whole book was rather pointless. I got tired of the constant "Oh, why did he marry me? He's so handsome!" nonsense every few pages. The premise of the entire novel seems so boring. Corie had no actual evidence that Pete was up to go no good but, just a hunch. Honestly, the novel was so boring, I couldn't read more. I am throwing this novel into the DNF pile.

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