Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Book Review - The Stranger Inside by Laura Benedict

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Kimber Hannon comes home from vacation to find out someone is living in her house. She has no idea who this stranger is but, he tells the police that he has permission to live there. He even has the paperwork to prove that belongs in her home. However, Kimber knows that she didn't invite this stranger into her home. 

The stranger knows secrets from Kimber's past and wants everyone to know Kimber's secrets. Kimber is afraid if the truth is revealed that she will lose everything she worked for. Kimber realizes that the stranger doesn't just want her house but, everything she has. Will Kimber be able to figure out who the stranger is?

The novel has an interesting premise and I was very excited to read it. For a stranger to take over someone's home; that is very twisted and intimate. However, while I like the idea of the novel, I felt like the story progressed very slowly. And, I honestly hated Kimber as a person. I found myself hoping that she suffers more than she did. I feel like she is the type of person who is self-centered and only cares about herself but, judges others on their actions.  After reading about Kimber's history and personality, I was surprised there weren't more people who wanted to see her suffer.

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