Monday, November 4, 2019

Book Review - The Winters by Lisa Gabriele

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After a brief and intense whirlwind romance, a young woman leaves the only place she knows as home and moves in with her new fiancé, Max Winter. Max is the exact opposite of our protagonist. He is a recent widower and a wealthy politician. While she spent most of her life in poverty.  Her new home is filled with memories of Max's beautiful first wife, Rebekah. Rebekah haunts the young woman's dreams and fuels her insecurities. While his daughter, Dani likes to make her life a living hell. She realizes that she doesn't have a place in the weird family dynamic between Max and Dani. They have a relationship dynamic that is both confuses and intrigues her.  As she grows more in love with Max, she worries about her relationship with Dani especially, when family secrets don't stay buried.

I don't like novels where the main character doesn't have a name. It makes it harder to discuss the protagonist when you don't know what to call them. I feel like when you don't name something, it's like you don't claim or love that person. Nor does it make it very easy to relate to the character.  And I very much feel like this novel wasn't a labor of love but, something that was quickly put together.  The novel takes forever to move along and the plot twists were very predictable. I thought I would have "fallen out of my seat" at least once during any of the revelations instead they were all met by my yawning. The novel was a complete bore and waste of time.

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