Thursday, February 20, 2020

Book Review - Almost Home by Valerie Fraser Luesse

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When America entered World War II, the small town of Blackberry Springs, Alabama grew overnight. Workers from all over are coming south for jobs in the factories. Dolly Chandler's family is going through a hard time and decides to turn her family home into a boardinghouse to accommodate the worker boom. Each one of Dolly's boarders is bringing a bit of the past with them along with their hopes for the future.

A couple from the Midwest who is going through a tough time in their marriage, a pair of married unemployed professors from Chicago, a widower from Mississippi, and a young veteran who is struggling to heal from the war. They each are hoping that they can heal at Dolly's house and find their back in the real world.  However, the house has a past that it's waiting to reveal to the boarders.

When an accident occurs and threatens Dolly's livelihood, she has to rely on her band of friends for help. Will the group of friends be able to solve the mystery of the missing young bride and pirate?

I thought the novel was a fun read. The novel was told from two different perspectives of a young woman in a failing marriage and a veteran returning from the war.  I found the middle of the novel to move a bit slow but, I did enjoy all the characters. I found the ending bittersweet and it felt like I was saying goodbye to a good friend when I finished reading the book. I am looking forward to reading more books by the author.

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