Sunday, February 2, 2020

Book Review - The Girl in the Glass Box by James Grippando

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Jack Swyteck is a Miami based attorney who is taking on an immigration case of an undocumented immigrant who fled to America to protect her daughter and herself. Julia Rodriguez and her teenage daughter, Beatriz escape from El Salvador to hide from the gangs and Julia's abusive husband. The duo struggles to adapt to life in America but, enjoy the safety it provides from Julia's husband.

Julia and her daughter were getting used to life in America until Julia refuses her boss's unwanted sexual advances. Her boss submits a tip to the U.S. immigration authorities to arrest Julia and put her in detention. Since Julia is slated for deportation, Jack's only move is to request asylum for her.

The novel is based on current events and can be seen as a timely thriller. My opinions and thoughts of immigration aside, I wasn't a fan of this novel. I had a hard time sympathizing with some of the characters because I didn't like them. I felt like the novel was very boring and repetitive with almost no plot development. I wasn't a fan of the ending but, I understand that immigration can be tricky and things do not always pan out. I found some of the dialogue between the characters to be stilted and surrealistic. This was my first novel by the author and probably the last.

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