Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Book Review - The Winter Sister by Megan Collins

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Sixteen years ago, Persephone went out with her boyfriend, Ben and never came home again. she is forbidden to see Ben and has kept her relationship a secret with him. She went missing for three days before her body was discovered but, her case has remained unsolved.

Sylvie, Persephone's younger sister, returns home to care for her mother, Annie as she undergoes treatment for cancer. Annie and Sylvie used to have a close bond but, after Persephone's death, the pair's relationship became strained. When Sylvie returns to take care of Annie, their reunion is filled with silence.

When taking her mother to the cancer center for treatment, she runs into Ben who works as a nurse at the cancer center. Sylvie always believed that Ben was responsible for Persephone's death. Sylvie is always weighed down by her guilt over the night Persephone went missing. As Sylvie tries to help her mom and navigate her relationship with her mother, she begins to uncover secrets. Will she discover who killed her sister?

I enjoyed the first part of the book but, towards the ending, the book became very predictable.  I didn't enjoy any of the characters but, I did like the character dynamics. I was expecting a lot more from this novel and I was disappointed I was able to guess every twist. There were a few things I wish we had more details on.

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