Sunday, February 9, 2020

Book Review - Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

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Sophie van Rijn is a volunteer for the Weather Bureau and she needs access to the highest point in her village for the most accurate readings.  Dierenpark an abandoned mansion that is on top of a cliff in the Hudson River Valley. Sophie knows this is the best option even though she doesn't have permission from the owners.

Quentin is the first Vandermark to return to the area in nearly sixty years. He intends to tear down the mansion in hopes to end the dark rumors surrounding his family. However, upon his return to the mansion, he is infuriated that someone has been trespassing on his property during his family's absence. The pair is at odds at each other but, Sophie seems to be able to reach his son. Will two be able to put their differences aside and help each other?

I was quite disappointed in this book and found both characters to be insufferable.  Quentin is in pain and seems to be taking out his cruelty on others and then is baffled when his son doesn't like him. Sophie is this "light"  that can do no wrong and because she is nice everything works out for her in the end. I was annoyed that one character was insulting other religions and I understand that they don't believe in religion but, I think that part was not needed. I thought the history of the Vandermark would have a more prominent role but instead, they spent more time going into detail on Sophie's love-filled cooking. I find that Sophie was all for doing the right thing when it benefits her and her needs. When her father was doing an illegal search in Vandermark's claim on the mansion or using the roof without permission she made no Biblical references to those behaviors. I am still baffled on how the two characters end up liking each other especially when Sophie seems hesitant until the end.

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