Sunday, February 16, 2020

Book Review - Courting Mr. Emerson by Melody Carlson

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Willow West is a gallery owner who is spontaneous and loves to have fun. When she crosses path with George Emerson, who is a button-up retired English teacher, she wasn't sure what to think of him.  However, she finds George interesting and wants him to loosen up and enjoy life.  While trying to make George embrace life, she finds herself falling for him.

George straddles the line of being irritated and attracted to Willow. He thinks Willow is around to often but, he misses her when she isn't around. George isn't interested in making new friends or trying new things as it hurts when you lose people you care about.

I thought the novel was an interesting premise. I thought both characters were flawed but, continue to grow and learn throughout their relationship. I did get annoyed during some parts of the novel, where they both accused each other of overstepping their bounds but, they both do the same thing.  They try to make the other person happy without actually considering the person's feelings. I also, felt like George and Willow were the most developed characters. I felt like the daughter and grandson felt forced and their conversations didn't feel authenticate. Another example, George knows he is closed off but, he becomes dismayed when his retirement party didn't have a big turnout.  This book wasn't my favorite by the author but, I will continue to read her novels.

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