Friday, January 1, 2021

January 2021 Haul!



I can't believe it is already January 2021! The entire year went by so quickly. But, I hope this year is better this year...

I got a few masks from Facetory. I been using sheet masks more frequently and have noticed my skin looking more radiant and it's softer. I bought a new skin routine from Perricone MD for acne. I hate getting those cystic acne that comes and goes in a non-stop cycle. 

I got a few lip products that I am super excited over. I got this new lip balm from a brand called La Muse. It reminds me of the Fresh lip balm. I wonder if it will be similar. I bought another lipstick from Huda in Alluring. I didn't realize it was matte. I am moving away from the matte lipstick since, I found that they can be very drying. I got a new lipstick lip gloss from Trust Fund Beauty that I am excited to try. Colourpop had a 25% off sale and I bought a few of their Disney lipsticks.  I got a few lip products from Philosophy but, I have been using their lip products for awhile. They are okay but, smell amazing.

I am really excited to try the Elemis Frangipani Monoi because my skin gets really dry during the winter. And I hate putting on cold cream during the cold weather. I have tried a few GlamGlow products and they are sometimes hit and miss. I am excited to try their Gentlebubble cleanser. I think the packaging. I bought quite a few things that I am super excited to try. Did you get anything during the holiday season you are excited to try?


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