Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Book Review - The Transatlantic Book Club by Felicity Hayes-McCoy


Cassie Fitzgerald decides to follow her recently widowed grandmother home to Ireland. Cassie hopes to find a way to cheer her grandmother over her recent loss. She decided to persuades her friend, Hanna, at the local library to set up a book club. The book club will allow readers from Ireland's Finfarran Peninsula and the US town of Resolve, to connect with each other.

After much back and forth between the club members, they finally decide to read a detective novel. However, the book club pick ends up exposing buried secrets, old conflicts, and hidden love affairs to light. As the secrets are being exposed, Cassie worries that she might have caused more harm than intended.

I had a hard time following some portions of this book when I initially started reading it. I wasn't used to the writing style and the way the characters spoke. I found that I had to re-read the same sentences a few times. I am not sure why the book is named after the book club when it seems that the book club was more of an after note. I felt like the novel moved very slowly. However, if you are a fan of cozy reads, then you might enjoy this book.

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