Sunday, January 3, 2021

Book Review - Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour


 Mila is used to being alone. She is eager to find her own place to belong. Perhaps, this is why she agreed to a second chance at a remote farm surrounded by waves and flowers. However, Mila didn't know that the place was haunted by ghosts.

Mila just graduated from high school and has aged out of the foster care system. She is offered a teaching job and a place to live on an isolated farm near the Northern California coast. Mila is excited to have a home that she can calls hers. However, she didn't know that the place is haunted by the past and her old memories are resurfacing.

The novel was a quick and interesting read. I like that the author created an interesting story of how Mila needed to let go and accept her past before she can find a place to belong. I found that the some of the characters were mysterious or overly friendly or "aggressive" without including Mila in the reason why. I did find that the novel was a quick read and felt that the author could have gone into more detail about certain things. However, I am excited to read books by the author.

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