Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Book Review - Harry Houdini (The First Names Series) by Kjartan Poskitt


Harry Houdini is probably the most well known magician in the world. Harry Houdini was actually born Ehrich Weisz and he was an Hungarian-born immigrant. He began performing stage tricks so, he can bring in extra cash for his family. He started off doing card tricks and gradually started doing escape acts. Harry became well-known for his death-defying escape acts. 

He was known to undergo daring feats, such as, being buried alive, being locked in a crate that was thrown into a river, and escaping from a milk can. Harry was able to captivate the audience's interest while entertaining them with magic. 

The children's book comes illustrated and goes into detail about Harry's life. The book provided in-depth facts and stories about Harry along with tidbits on how the tracks were performed. The back of the book included a glossary, timeline, and an index. One thing to note, unlike other biographies about Harry, this one doesn't include the story of his death. Overall, a good read for the kids and fans of Harry.


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