Sunday, January 17, 2021

January 2021 Haul Part 2!



Ahhh, January is almost done and gone! I can't believe how fast the days go but, when I am working the hours and minutes move by so slowly. I been trying to keep my makeup spending to a minimum but, honestly, I have no self control. I have no idea why I buy so many palettes and use the same one over and over. I really can't refuse a good sale. I am trying not to buy everything on sale but, limiting myself to only a few sale items so that I can have more in my spending account for the "good" end of the year sales.

I bought a boatload of new facial masks. I got this oatmeal mask from Purenskin that I am really excited to try. I have tried a basic oatmeal mask and it really soothe my skin. I hoping this one has similar or even better results. I got a few Facetory branded masks from their new lines and I am really excited to try them. I got the chamomile and artemisia ones that look pretty awesome.

I got two new bar soaps that I found from TJ Maxx. I got one Peony scent and another Bourbon and Pine scent that has a nice winter-y scent. I love trying new bar soaps because it can make an ordinary moment more special.

I got a few more lip products that I am excited to try home. I got the beloved Ruby Woo MAC lipstick that heard has a cult following. I love lip products and the color red. I got a new Juice Beauty lip product in Gwyneth and NYX lip oil in Sheer Blush. I heard of people liking both of these products and I can't wait  to try them.

I got a few new Korean facial care products that I am excited to try. I got this clay ampoule cleasner by Lala Chuu that looks interesting.  The cream version of the Facetory's Artemisia line and a few facial oils from Keep Cool, Pixi beauty and Akar Skin.

Did you get anything new that you are excited to try?

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