Saturday, April 24, 2021

April 2021 Haul Part 2!


What the month is already almost over? It felt like it just started not to long ago. Ugh, I definitely feel like the year has flew by!

As always, I ended up buying way too much this month. Definitely more than I would finish with in the upcoming months...but, we already established that I have a problem.

I got a quite a few new masks that I am excited to try.  I tried quite a few Facetory masks and I got their new banana mask. The packaging looks so cute! I like Dr. Jart+ masks but, I haven't used them in awhile. They tend to be quite pricey. I splurged and bought the rubber mask to brighten my skin. I have tons of dark spots all of my chin that I can't seem to get rid of. I like TonyMoly's and Simply When's masks and bought a few new variety. They always consistently deliver great results. And while heating eye masks don't really have a skin benefit (at least one I have noticed) I got a few from the MediHeal line because I just like the way they feel.

I love taking both baths and showers. In addition to a few new Lush bath bombs and bubble bars, I decided to up my soap and shower gel game. I got a few bars of soap from TJ Maxx. They didn't seem to have a specific brand name but, they had a nice pine-y scent that I liked. I got two new body washes from Elemis and BBW. The Elemis has frangipani monoi extracts and smells like a dream. The BBW has eucalyptus and spearmint which would make it perfect for bedtime.

I got a new watermelon mask by Milk. I am very interested in the stick application because its perfect when you are traveling. I am going to keep this when I visit my brother. I got a new facial oil from Rain Organics. I love the name of the oil - "I am Enough". I wonder if that applies to the user or the product? I got a new serum from Balance Me to help with my acne prone skin. Hopefully, I can stop getting breakouts...that's a dream..

Have you gotten anything new recently? Anything you are excited to try?

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