Sunday, April 25, 2021

Book Review - The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal


In London in 1850s, the Great Exhibition was being built in Hyde Park. The spectacle brings a huge crowd of people which causes two strangers to be meet by chance. Iris is an beautiful aspiring artist who doesn't think much of this fleeting moment. However, for Silas, a curious collector is enchanted by the meeting and intrigued by Iris.

Iris is asked to model for artist Louis Frost but, before she agrees she asked him to teach her to paint. Iris finds her world expanded beyond the doll shop she was working in. She loves everything the new creative world has offered to her but, she has no idea of the evil that is lurking in the shadows. Silas has been unable to stop thinking of anything other than Iris and his thoughts are turning darker.

I didn't really care for the gruesome and disgusting details in this book. I felt like this has put me off on liking this book. I thought the book was  a bit boring and the ending felt incomplete. I wish there was background on some of the characters and less details on gruesome stuff. This book was a complete miss for me.

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