Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Book Review - The Folcroft Ghosts by Darcy Coates


When their mother suffered an accident, Tara and her brother, Kyle, were sent to live with their estranged grandparents. May and Peter Folcroft seemed like the perfect grandparents. Their house is quaint and its hidden in the base of the mountains. 

They noticed that strange things keep happening. Furniture keeps moving around and there are figures in the fog. Tara and Kyle believe that the house might be haunted. A brutal storm cuts down their only line of communication into the outside world. 

May becomes obsessive with them and rarely lets them out of her sight. They try to pretend that they are a happy family. But, when they discover a locked room and a forgotten journal, they know they need to escape.

I read quite a few of the author's books and found this book to be enjoyable. It had a very creepy quality to it. The twist was interesting but, it was hinted at. I liked that they included a few short stories by the author that were interesting to read. I wished that they were fleshed out a bit more into their own novels. If the author released a collection of short stories, I would definitely read them because she seems to have a knack for writing creepy stories.

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