Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Book Review - Blue Ticket by Sophie Mackintosh


When girls get their first period, they are able to take part in the lottery. The young women report to a station and they learn what kind of woman they will be depending on the ticket they get. If they get a white ticket, they can have children and get married. A blue ticket allows them to pursue a career and be free of family duties. This system relieves the burden of choice from a young woman's shoulder. One of the rules of the lottery is that once you receive your ticket, there is no going back.

Calla has received a blue ticket and she questions her fate. She decides to go on the run and live the life she wants. Calla will need to rely on the skills she learned and question those around her. She will have to find a way to escape as the system pits women against her. During her journey, Calla must decide if the lottery knows her better than she knows herself and what the consequences are for going against the lottery.

I was not a fan of this book. I read more than half of the book before I just dumped it. The book lacked world building details. They would share details about certain things but, fail to go into details. I found it hard to understand certain things without understanding the "why".  The writing style felt bland and flat and it was hard to connect to Calla. She came across as cold and clinical. It was hard to put myself in her shoes and feel anything for her plight.

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