Monday, July 5, 2021

Book Review - Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane


Lila Ridgefield seems to have the perfect life. She lives in a quaint college town, has a beautiful home, and a doting husband, Aaron. However, not everything is what seems like especially, Lila. 

A young college student vanished a few months ago and then Aaron disappears. The police thinks that the cases are unrelated until it's discovered the missing student case is very similar to other missing people cases. The police are desperate to find a connection.

They find a clue that makes them realize that there might be more to the story. While the town is worried over their beloved high school teacher, Lila isn't. She is confused about him being missing because she was the last person to see him alive.

The novel was an interesting and thrilling read. I enjoyed finding out the next twist and secret being revealed. I found that the novel moved at a fast pace. I didn't care much for some of the characters and thought they weren't unrealistic. Overall, the novel was a good read and I look forward to reading more books by the author.

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