Saturday, July 3, 2021

Book Review - Pretty Things by Janelle Brown

Nina thought once she got her fancy liberal arts degree that life would be different. However, things didn't turn out as expected and she had to resort to stealing from rich kids with her con artist Irish boyfriend, Lachlan. Nina utilizes the skills she has gleamed from her con artist mother who has spent her entire life hustling to provide for them. When Nina's mom get sick, Nina realizes she will need to pull off a major scam to ensure her mom gets the proper treatment.

Vanessa comes from an extremely wealthy family and she dreams of making her mark in the world. She decides to become an Instagram influencer with all the free perks and daily demands. However, underneath her glamorous lifestyle, Vanessa's life is stained by tragedy including a broken engagement. She decides to head to the family estate, Stonehaven to regain her bearings. The mansion contains secrets that causes Vanesa's and Nina's world to merge.

I was initially drawn by the beautiful cover and noticed that the novel was highly rated.  I found that the novel was slow and incredibly boring. I thought that the characters were entitled and their plans of "revenge" were stupid and unfounded. The book was completely predictable even the "twist" in the end. This book was completely drawn out and overrated.

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