Monday, July 12, 2021

July 2021 Haul!


Ah, July is almost half way finished and it can take the hot weather with it! I can't wait for cooler temperatures. On a side note, what happened to Spring? It was like winter one day and then blistering heat the next. 

I got a few products that I am very excited to try. Broo is a shampoo and condition set made with beer. I read somewhere that beer can actually make your hair really shiny. The packaging notes that it has a citrus scent which is good because I do not want to smell like beer.

I have used a few of Wander Beauty products and I love their skincare products and find their beauty items like mascara and eye palettes to be mediocre. I got two new skincare products from them - their Do Not Disturb night concentrate and their Sight C-Er which is a vitamin C concentrate. I have tons of dark spots and I heard vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. 

I bought a few products from Aster Raine. I bought a Omni Scrub, the reverse serum. firm & glow serum, and  rejuvenating cream. I am excited to try this organic and simple ingredient brand. 

I bought another Marc Jacobs in Enamored. I love the Fresh brand but, I have a love and hate relationship with their lip balm. I saw they have a new Rose petal soft lip cream and I am excited to try it. I got two bold new colors from Stila in Beso and Mac in Starf*cker. I can't wear to wear these beauties!

I got a new scrubby face wash from HoliFrog that I am excited to try. The packaging is very beautiful. I have a few of the sleep spray and bath salts from ThisWorks and I enjoyed it. I got the Deep Sleep Body Cocoon body cream to promote restful sleeping. 

I heard so many good things about the brand Serumkind and I got their Royal Black Tulip hand cream. I been washing my hands like a crazy and most creams haven't really made an impact on my dry skin. I am really hoping this helps my skin.

Have you gotten anything this month that you are excited to try?

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