Sunday, March 23, 2014

Architectural Digest Home Show

Photo Credit - Arch Digest Show

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I didn't get to post anything yesterday, I actually went to the Architectural Digest Home Show and got home really late.

The 13th annual Architectural Digest Home Show offers a glimpse into the world of design. It can serve as inspiration to designers and consumers who wish to update the look of their homes. Vendors also show off their latest luxury design in furniture, accessories, art, lighting, kitchen, bath, dining, and much more.There are more than 300 brands exhibiting and panels with inspiring speakers from the design world and book signings.

When I went on Saturday, the place was already packed at 12:45pm and bustling with people taking in the sights and views. After I got my tickets and got scanned in, while all the exhibitors were nicely lined up in lines, I got a bit overwhelmed and just went wandering around willy nilly. Which, by the way is not a good idea. I was wearing 2 sweaters, a scarf and jacket, and the place is really hot with so many people and mass confusion I got a bit tired very quickly.

After taking a couple of minutes to regroup,  I decided to start from the beginning and go through each aisle one by one. After 10 minutes, I had immense design envy and immediately wanted to get rich to buy all the awesome stuff that was showcased. I saw grand oak table that, sadly cost more than my car and 3 months mortgage. If I could, I would probably sell some of my organs for the beautiful grand staircases some made of glass and steel or the SubZero fridge with the expanse kitchen.  

Granted, apart from not being to afford anything at the show, I honestly don't even know why I bought my checkbook with my $200 account balance thinking I could "treat" myself. I had a really great time looking at the exhibits and mock rooms. I did end up buying some compostable wine glasses and decanter. I then made my way to the DIFFA's dining by design NY special feature show with 40 mock dining environments that were design by the likes of  Diane Von Furstenberg, Barneys, and Marc Blackwell NY that you can vote on. 

It is a good way to spend a day if you are a design aficionado or can afford any of the designs ;) But one thing to note, don't go thinking you will get many freebies, most of the vendors were only giving out business cards. I was able to snag two reusable bags to hold all the brochures  and design inspirations.

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