Friday, March 28, 2014

LA Fresh Eco Beauty Natural Waterproof Makeup Remover

I love wipes, they are so easy and convenient to use. I tend to keep some by my bed, on my bathroom counter and in my desk at work. Because lets be honest who has time to wash their face when there is a DVR full of TV and over-demanding calendar. I was interested in using these wipes because they are all natural and packed with good for your ingredients [and being 100% biodegradable] and without the nasty parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals and dyes. The wipes is enriched with 6 blend oil of Olive, Jojoba, Sesame, Grapeseed, Vitamin E and Lavender. These wipes didn’t do a good job of wiping off my makeup. I had to rub the wipes really hard to get my makeup off and it still left with traces of makeup behind. Even though the wipes promises no greasy residue, it did make my face shiny and moisturized. I am guessing, its most likely because of the 6 oil blend cocktail. I tend to like my wipes to leave my skin matte and then follow up with moisturizer.

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