Sunday, March 2, 2014

SW Basics Cinnamon Organic Lip Balm

I can hardly think of something that is so great and it only takes 5 [yes, five!] natural ingredients to make [not including food]. I am not a big fan of cinnamon, truth be told I actually hate the scent and taste of cinnamon. You are probably wondering why bother buying this lip balm. Well, the method behind my madness, I noticed I put on a lot of lip balm and tend to lick it off during the day. I figured I wouldn’t be tempted to lick off lip balm that tastes like cinnamon. The lip balm does have a strong cinnamon taste and goes on smoothly. It left my lips feeling soft, moisturized and left a cinnamon taste. Overall, I did like it but I ended up liking the cinnamon taste so I kept putting more on. I also bought the cocoa and peppermint flavor and can’t wait to try those as well. I kind of wish they had a whipped cream flavor.

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