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Redbook June 2013

20 Summer Saving Tips
“1.Soothe a sunburn, stat - To reduce pain and swelling, pop two aspirin or ibuprofen as soon as possible.  Next do a milk compress: Soak a washcloth in a bowl of ice-cold whole milk [skim won’t cut it] and drape it over the burn until the cloth is room temperature.

2. Ward off skeeters - If you’re planning a trip to a mosquito-y or always seem  to attract the little buggers. Start taking a daily vitamin B12 supplement, studies show that it causes your skin to give off a scent that repels mosquitos.

3. Shrink a pimple in minutes- wet the tip of cotton swab with Listerine and dab it on the spot. The alcohol in the rinse dries up a zit fast.

4.Beat back summer dandruff -  steamy weather revs the oil production on your scalp into high gear, which slows down your natural skin cell exfoliation process. When this happens, dead cells build up and dandruff gets worse. Control it with a flake-fighting shampoo that contains zinc pyrithione - use it at least once a week.
5. Quit breaking out from sunscreen - for acne prone skin, try a mineral sunscreen - the active ingredients listed will be zinc  oxide, titanium dioxide or both. These sit on top of the skin rather than being absorbed, so you’re less likely to react. If you have dark skin, avoid the ghostly cast of a mineral formula and go with a sunscreen that says oil-free and non-comedogenic on the label.

6.Stay drier, longer - an antiperspirant label clinical strength contains the highest levels of sweat shields to block sweat glands temporarily. After swiping it on your underarms, glide a thin coat on other hot spots like your lower back or cleavage to keep dry there, too.

7. Avoid backne by rinsing shampoo and conditioner off your skin - They can leave oils and film behind on your shoulder and back and that  can lead to breakouts. So make sure your hair and skin are rinsed before you hop out of the shower.

8. Get your face squeaky clean - sunscreen, particularly a water resistant one, can be hard to wash off - and any residue left behind can clog your pores. An oil - based cleanser so it rinses away completely. Here’s how you can tell: if, you've rinsed, the water based on your skin, you didn’t get off all the sunscreen, so wash your face a second time.

9. Stop midday shine, permanently - Apply a retinol  treatment to your T zone nightly and over time, it helps slow down overactive oil glands, so you’ll be less likely to develop that afternoon oil slick.

10. Calm razor burn - even the most careful shaver can burn the heck out of herself. Next time it happens to you, apply a thin coat of one-percent hydrocortisone to soothe inflammation. Then keep the area out of the sun until it heals, since UV exposure can worsen the bumps and irritation.

11. Nix those weird white spots - Are little flat white spots cropping up on your chest, back, arms, and legs? Don’t be alarmed - it’s probably a type of benevolent fungus called tinea versicolor that occurs in warm, humid weather and acts like a bleach that lightens skin. Because this infection lives only in the upper dead layers of skin, it can be treated simply with an exfoliating body wash that contains salicylic or glycolic acid. Leave the product on the spotty ears for five to ten minutes before rinsing, and repeat every day for 10 days to prevent more flare ups.

12. Zap a pimple while you cover it - blend a few drops of a clear, salicylic acid zit treatment  into a dollop of foundation and use a smaller concealer brush to pat the mix on the spot. It’ll cut the pimple’s lifespan in half and hide it from the world.
13. Use antioxidant to reduce sun damage  - when they’re applied immediately after you’ve gotten a sunburn, they boost skin’s protection against the UV damage that leads to skin cancer. Pat on a rich face or body cream that has potent antioxidants like green tea or vitamin C to the area within six hours or the burn (before major damage sets in) and then every day until the skin heals.

14. Control oil with primer - it’s not just to wear under makeup: every skin and cosmetics pro we know swears it’s the secret weapon against a shiny face - and it truly feels like nothing on. Smooth a pea size drop over clean, moisturized skin, and it creates a barrier that absorbs sweat and oil. Layer foundation over it, or don’t - it’ll work either way.

15. Fight body acne in the laundry - fabric softeners and dryer sheets leave a coating on clothing that, when combined with perspiration and friction, can be a recipes for pimples. So skip them if you’re prone to break outs.

16. Relieve a bug bite fast - if you numb the area with an ice cube, it tricks your  nerves so you don’t feel the itch anymore.

17. Eliminate bikini bumps - sweat, tight clothing and plain old moving around trap dirt and debris in pores, setting off those icky red bumps. A dab of baby powder will absorb sweat during the day; at night, curb bacteria with a salicylic-acid treatment.

18. Tighten up a dimpled rear - a cream that contains caffeine can make skin appear smoother for at least a few hours.

19.  Reduce cold sore outbreaks - if you already have the cold sore virus, increased exposure to UV rays compromise your body’s defense system. To protect yourself outdoors, swipe on a lip balm with a high SPF.

20. Wash off sweat on the go  - if you can’t shower right after a workout, wipe down your upper chest and back with a cleansing  cloth that has salicylic acid to help keep pores clear.”

A quick facial mask -
“The acids in strawberries exfoliate and the honey hydrate. Toss two berries in a blender and pulse until the fruit is just mashed, you want the seeds intact. Combine with two tablespoons of honey and apply the mix as a mask. Wait 10 minutes, then gently scrub and rinse.”

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