Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kneipp Deep Sleep Mineral Bath Salt - Valerian & Hops

If I am not mistaken, Sebastian Kneipp, one of the founders, a priest who at 28 contracted the deadly [at the time] tuberculous and was cured by hydrotherapy. Which lead him to found Kneipp with his pharmacist friend who shared the same natural product ideologies. Naturally, baths are an excellent way to relax, lull you to sleep, a treat for a hard day at work and for health reasons. While, I knew Kneipp was a good trusted brand -- I was bit wary to try the bath salts. I don’t know why, I am kicking myself for not trying earlier. After returning from exhausting day of errands and family gatherings, I was already super tired, exhausted and sleepy. I decided a bath would have been a perfect way to unwind and take it easy. When I open the packet, the air was flooded of Valerian and Hops [I am not sure what either smells like but I guess it has to be the scent I was sniffing :) ]. The blue salt crystals turned the bath water into a beautiful azure blue color. The color you imagine the water being in tropical islands [and also hiding sharks under their alluring surface]. I immediately slipped in and was immediately transported into a Greek soaking tub. I started to relax; I felt my tension melting away. The water was still fragranced and left my skin softly  scented and my skin soft to the touch. While the blue color didn’t stain my tub, I wouldn’t recommend using anything white near it [towels, mats] or porous colors though. Even after my bath, the scent is still wafting through the air. How was I feeling after the bath and was I able to sleep better? I am having trouble staying awake to write this review but I don’t feel the disgusted I - want - to - sleep - get - out - of - my - way but more like I am at peace and I could go for a nice nap. Which right about now, sounds great. Good night! I am happy to report, I did have a restful deep sleep last night. I am totally in love with this bath salt.

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