Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Epionce Intense Defense Anti-Aging + Repair Serum

Photo Source - Epionce

This intense serum is like a skin care multivitamin for your skin. It is packed with fruit, botanical extracts and Niacinamide. The potent cocktail promises to reverse fine line, wrinkles, improve skin tone, smooth, soften and improve firmness, elasticity and texture. The creamy formula went on smoothly and left my face feeling soft and firm. I must say, when they say intensive hydration, they really do mean intensive. I used a little bit of the serum on my face and face look like my face was drenched with water. It did take a bit of work to work in all of the serum into my face.The only parts I didn’t like is that my hands were sticky from the lotion and my face did get a bit dry towards the evening. Overall, it was too pricey to buy again and I found other products that work a lot better for less money.

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