Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vichy Laboratories Eau Thermale Spa Water

I have read tons of rave reviews about this water and of water in can beauty products [how unsexy, did I just make that product sound?] I decided to give this product a shot while during my family reunion in Florida. The water is Vichy 100% pure [no deer excrement in this water..] and is enriched with 15 rare minerals. It is recommended for every skin type, even people with sensitive skin. The water is clinically proven to have regenerating, antioxidant, soothing and protective properties, but then again isn’t all mineral water like this? Needless to say, while at the beach and enduring 1,000 degree weather, I was open to trying anything. Even though, I had stored the bottle in the fridge prior, the bottle was now at “room temperature” but it was still effective. Upon misting my body, my skin felt refreshed and cooler. My skin was also softer, smoother and looked dewy. Spraying the water, felt like nice treat on my sun parched skin. I was a fool to even question the amazingness of this product. My only qualm, is that I used the travel size in 1.69oz in 4 uses and for $9 a pop it is quite expensive. I think I will use it for a treat or when I want to feel like I been to the spa.

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