Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pino Facial Mask in Milk & Honey

The best way to relax after stressful week is to apply a nice facial mask and binge watch TV shows. The facial mask is packed with honey extracts, soothing milk proteins,  and pro-vitamin B5. The mask had a citrusy scent with a bit of honey and milk notes but it was a bit strong especially since this mask is made for people with sensitive skin. After removing the mask, my skin scented with the citrusy scent and my face felt a bit tight afterwards. My face did feel softer, smoother, and a bit more radiant as soon as I removed the mask. After applying a bit of lotion, my skin looked and felt amazing. I would definitely get this again if it wasn’t 10 masks for $80. While it isn’t the most expensive masks, I might wait until I have a bit more discretionary spending money for before I get it again :)

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