Thursday, May 15, 2014

Seventeen August 2013

How to get curly hair for your hair type -
Straight - Loose, bouncy curls are the easiest for you to rock. Add mousse to wet hair for staying power, and blow dry. Once  hair  is 100 percent dry, hold a 1.5 inch curling iron vertically and wrap 2 inch section of hair around the closed barrel. Hold for a few seconds and then finish with a blast of hairspray so the curls last all day.
Wavy - To amp up your natural waves, scrunch in a lightweight curl gel and blow-dry hair upside down for extra volume. Spritz with flexible hold  hairspray, and let them set while you do your makeup. Unpin them and rake your fingers through your hair for a natural tousle.
Curly -  Play up your natural texture with a diffuser. The fingers spread out the air so strands don’t frizz. Just add a little smoothing cream first, then point the dryer up for more volume or down for less.”

Curl Commandments-
No Frizz Ever -  Leave in conditioners are a curly girl’s BFF. Coat strands in a downward motion to smooth hair cuticles while also locking in moisture. Follow with your favorite styling product and twist curls into place with your fingers. Then it’s hands-off until hair is dry.
Pretreat your strands -  thick, unruly curls will benefit from a hot oil treatment before shampooing - work it through dry  locks 15 minutes before jumping in the shower. The slick stuff helps moisturize and make your tresses easier to untangle.
Revive second day curls - You will get too dry if you wash every day, so mist just the frizzy pieces with a mix of leave - in conditioner and water. Then shape curls into place.
Trim often - You’ll know you’re due for a date with the scissors when it starts becoming harder than normal to detangle your hair - it’s a sign you have lots of split ends that need to be snipped”.

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