Thursday, December 8, 2022

Book Review - Burntcoat by Sarah Hall


In a British city, a virus is spreading through the city and a renowned sculptor Edith Harkness decides to isolate with her boyfriend, Halit, in her immense studio, Burntcoat. As Edith learns more about Halit and herself, the outside world is changing. Together Halit and Edith comes to term with their new norm.

I thought this would have been an interesting read especially, with COVID still ongoing. However, I wasn't fond of the writing style. The narrator switched back and forth from present to past on whim. The prose was interesting but, not worth the effort it took to get through. I read more quite a few pages (around 75ish) and I failed to see the point and plot of the story. If you like artsy books, perhaps you will enjoy this book more than I did.

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