Sunday, December 4, 2022

Book Review - Closer Than You Know by Brad Parks


Melanie Barrick has grown up in the constant upheaval as a child in foster care. As an adult, Melanie has a loving husband, a steady job, and a beautiful baby, Alex. She thought she left her past behind her.

One Tuesday evening, Melanie goes to pick up Alex from childcare only to be told that he was removed by Social Services. Melanie is terrified and she is unable to get any answers. The situation is upsetting but for Melanie it's bringing back back memories of the horror of Social Services. When Melanie arrives home, she finds out that the sheriff has raided her house and found enough cocaine to send Melanie to prison away for years. An overwhelming amount of evidence is against her and if Melanie can't prove her innocence, she will lose her son.

Assistant commonwealth’s attorney Amy Kaye has been assigned to Melanie's case. She is working on a cold case that her boss wants her to keep quiet to avoid public scrutiny.  There is a serial rapist who wears a mask and whispers to his victims. He has victimized dozens of women and has avoided detection by the police for years.

I thought the book was an okay read. The book had a few twists and turns that I didn't expect or see coming. I felt like some of the plot and the twists were a bit far-fetched. The police took the word of a tip and without even having proof of Melanie committing a crime. When the drugs were found in the couple's home, only Melanie got in trouble  for the drugs and for  the social services case. It The novel was an okay read but, nothing really kept me interested in it.

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