Friday, December 30, 2022

Book Review - The Pack #2: Claw and Order by Lisi Harrison


Sadie thought joining the Pack would be the hardest thing but, it turns out the year has just gotten started.  Sadie is trying to manage her school work, while working through her feelings for her crush, and managing her powers. Sadie is also keeping a secret from her friends that can alter their friendship.

This was the second book in the series but, I think the first book was better. There were a lot of cringe worthy situations in this book. For example, Sadie is mad that Beak is spending a lot of time playing football and she made a comment that her dad does the same thing. Then Sadie ignores his calls and messages but, gets annoyed when he doesn't respond right away. It seems Sadie keeps slipping back with her growth and making the same silly mistakes over and over instead of learning from them. This wasn't my favorite book in the series but, I will still read the other books to see how the series ends.

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