Monday, December 26, 2022

Book Review - Fox Creek (Cork O’Connor #19) by William Kent Krueger


Henry Meloux is an old Ojibwe healer and he has recently been having visions of his death. He walks the Northwoods in solitude to prepare himself for the end of his long life.  However, he doesn't know if his vision are tied to the hunters who are seeking a woman named Dolores Morriseau. Dolores is a stranger who came to seek guidance and shelter from Henry about her marriage.

Henry, Dolores, and his great niece, Rainy, must escape deep into the Boundary Waters to escape the deadly mercenaries. Henry knows that they will stop at nothing to get what they want but, he fears that this might be his last journey on his beloved land.

Cork is trying to identify the hunters and why they are pursuing Dolores. Cork begins tracking the hunters when he fears that they might harm Rainy, his wife, and Henry. As he tracks the hunters in the wilderness, Cork gets hit with a late season snowstorm. He fears with each passing minute, time is running out for his people.

This is book is a part of a series but, I was able to read it as a standalone and follow along. I thought the book started off as good but, got slow towards the middle and started picking up again towards the end. The book was straightforward and didn't really have any twists or unexpected turns.  I felt like the book was an easy and straightforward read.

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