Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Book Review - Perfect Little Children by Sophie Hannah


Beth was supposed to take her son to his soccer game, watch him play, and then they return home together. Except, Beth has other ideas and decides to drive past her ex-best friend's house because she lives near the field and Beth wants to get a peek at Flora.

It's been twelve years since Beth has seen Flora. And Beth isn't so sure she wants to see Flora again. However, Beth is too curious to let it go and decides to stop by for a visit. Beth parks outside the gates of Flora's house, and watches as Flora arrives with her two children, Thomas and Emily.

Except something looks wrong, Flora looks the same but, only older. Her children, Thomas and Emily look exactly the same as they did twelve years ago. Beth is confused because how could they have not grown or changed at all in the twelve years that have past?

I thought this was going to be a horror or thriller but, instead this book was an absolute bore. The same thing gets repeated over and over. I also couldn't stand Beth and found majority of the characters completely dense. Instead of telling each other the information ahead of time or when they figured something out, they drag it out for pages and pages. For example, if Beth notices something, she won't tell anyone right then and there. She will mentioned she noticed something and not say what. When she finally does tell the other person, she drags it out for pages on pages. I read over 100 pages and nothing was added to the story or changed. Then they have so many boring side stories that are not even relevant to the story. I feel like the entire book could have been half of the size. I felt like the author had a great idea but, perhaps had to have a specific word count and decided to stretch a few things instead of adding to the story.

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