Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Book Review - The Pack by Lisi Harrison


The girls that board the Charm House or the Center for Human-Animal Reform and Manners, are there because they have an animal light inside them that needs to be tamed. Sadie is the new girl and she just wants to stay out of trouble and blend in with the rest of the students. That is until she learns she has the Lion light and a group of popular girls include her in their group called the Pack.  Sadie finds herself at the center of attention and is consumed by social drama. The Charm school is supposed to be a sanctuary but, someone is targeting the girls. Will Sadie be able to help find the mastermind?

The book was a fun read and had a few unexpected twists. It was interesting seeing Sadie accept her abilities and her powers to lead and not be just a follower. Some of the dialogue between the girls at the school were funny but, might be too much for some children/readers. For example, Lindsey and the other girls remark on each others physical appearance or Sadie gets bullied because her hair doesn't look appealing, it might seem like bullying. Instead of tampering the comments about physical appearance, they seem to enjoy making remarks about it to each other. Overall, it's a fun read and I would read other books in the series.

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